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Dr. Arianna Andreangeli

Elena Avanzas Álvarez

Breannon Babbel

Reham Badawy

Carol Ballantine

Diljeet Bhachu

Dr. Amy Bryzgel

Sadhbh Byrne

Helen Charman

Rose Cook

Dr. Diletta De Cristofaro

Dr. Brenda Donohue

Professor Fiona de Londras

Sandra Duffy

Emma Dunne

Mary Farrell

Jess Fisher

Holly Foley

Dr. Viviane Gravey

Lucy Greenhill

Dr. Roberta Guerrina

Ikhlas Abdul Hadi

Felicity Hayball

Dr. Florence Hazrat

Kathy Hetherington

Julia Hieske

Molly Joyce

Tajma Kapic

Lisa Kalayji

Anne Kauth

Eve Kearney

Michelle Lavery

Rena Maguire

Phyllis Mania

Sinead Matson

Aoife McCloskey

Ashleigh McFeeters

Emer McHugh

Dr. Jessica Meyer

Áine Ní Laoghaire

Dr. Melanie O’Brien

Amanda Ocasio

Dr. Ruth Penfold-Mounce

Marie Penicaut

Katie Poushpom

Sarah Pryor

Dr. Lauren Redhead

Carol Robinson

Lauren Robinson

Michelle Rouse

Kayla Rush

Dr. Lucy Ryder

Poppy Sharp

Dr. Rita Singer

Rosie Smith

Dr. Sarah Smith

Maeve Stone

Angelika Strohmayer

Dr. Clodagh Tait

Dr. Catherine Turner

Kloé Tricot O’ Farrell

Lottie Whalen

Dr. Kate Wicks

Olivia Wilkinson

Cindy Withjack

Kelli Zezulka

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