Tajma Kapic


TajmaTajma Kapic is a PhD candidate at Dublin City University. She holds an MA in Development Studies from University College Dublin, and is a Project Director at Irish NGO Cradle, where she continues to passionately pursue her international development and humanitarian work. Tajma has over nineteen years’ experience working in war-torn and disaster-stricken areas of the world, and has also published several articles and reportage as a freelance journalist in Ireland. She was born and grew up in Mostar, a beautiful town in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and studied journalism at the university in Sarajevo. When the war in her country began, she joined a local children’s aid organisation in an effort to alleviate the suffering of the children in her devastated hometown. Two years later, she was forced to leave Bosnia and Herzegovina, which led her to Ireland. She was recently elected to the Executive Committee of the Handball Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the first and only woman to have ever been elected to the committee. In 2012, she was awarded ‘Sports Personality’ of Mostar, for her contribution to the development of sport in the town.

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The Political Participation of Women in Post-Conflict Bosnia and Herzegovina, 05 May 2016