Sadhbh Byrne

IMG_5991.JPGSadhbh Byrne is a PhD candidate in Psychology at Trinity College Dublin, funded by a Government of Ireland postgraduate scholarship from the Irish Research Council. Sadhbh’s PhD research explores how teenagers, and parents of teenagers, respond to young people with mental health problems. She is exploring the support that parents and peers offer to young people in distress, and what factors might influence different types of support. More generally, Sadhbh is interested in mental health literacy, parent-child relationships in adolescence, the functions of teenage friendship, and prosocial behaviour. She is a lecturer of Introductory Psychology and Social Psychology.
Sadhbh has written for A Lust for Life, the website founded by Bressie, on supporting a loved one who is experiencing mental health difficulties. She has volunteered since 2008 with a programme that encourages young people to act as leaders in their schools and communities, and to look out for peers who are struggling. For the four years of her undergraduate degree, she coordinated an arts and crafts club for primary school children living in inner-city Dublin. She was an illustrator for student newspapers in college, and enjoys drawing and painting in her (little) spare time.