Reham Badawy

Reham Badawy graduated with a first class honours BSc in Smart Systems & Neuroscience from Keele University in 2014. She is now undertaking interdisciplinary research in the School of Engineering & Applied Sciences at Aston University, employing advanced statistical machine learning techniques for medical applications and studying for a PhD in Applied Mathematics. More specifically, she is looking into using non-invasive, cheap and easily accessible smartphones to detect Parkinson’s disease long before physicians themselves can confidently detect it. Reham has dedicated her developing research career to improving the quality of life for those with a brain disease using a variety of engineering techniques. Her interests in this research commenced early in her undergraduate studies, and now continues in her current role as a research associate. She is passionate about her work, and also about engaging with the non-scientific community, having recently been invited to the House of Commons to present her research.

Follow Reham on Twitter at @Reham_Badawy1.


Detecting Parkinson’s Disease with your mobile phone, Thursday 06 October 2016.