Olivia Wilkinson

Standard Profile PictureOlivia Wilkinson is in the final few months of her PhD at Trinity College Dublin, funded by the Irish Research Council. After her undergraduate degree in Theology and Religious Studies, she lived in France for a bit, did a Master’s degree in humanitarian action, got some work experience in international organisations and universities, and then, surprising herself, decided that, more than anything else, she wanted to do a PhD on secular and religious approaches to disaster response in humanitarian crises.

 Olivia has been engaged in encouraging other PhD students in their research, organising workshops in TCD and through the Development Studies Association of Ireland. She also works with the Joint Learning Initiative on Faith and Local Communities (JLIFLC) to document ways in which local faith groups respond to disaster. She recently attended the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul with the JLIFLC to launch a series of evidence briefs on the humanitarian work of local faith communities.

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‘All By Myself: what I have learned from doing fieldwork on my own’, coming on 27 July 2016.