Molly Joyce

Molly is the Legal Affairs Editor at Women Are Boring, and joined the Women Are Boring team in October 2016.

Molly is a recent graduate of the Bar Professional Training Course at City University, London, and was called to the Bar of England and Wales in July 2016. Prior to this, Molly completed her undergraduate degree in Law at Trinity College Dublin and her Masters in Law at the University of Oxford. After university, she taught English in Hong Kong before interning with the Justice Centre Hong Kong (formerly the Hong Kong Refugee Advice Centre) and the Irish Human Rights & Equality Commission in Dublin. While subsequently working with a law firm in Dublin, she volunteered with organisations such as ‘Future Voices Ireland’. Further volunteer activities have included teaching debating to prisoners in the London area with the ‘Vocalise’ programme, assisting solicitors in the Centre for Criminal Appeals to review innocence claims from serving prisoners, and representing parents appealing their child’s permanent exclusion from school throughout England with the ‘School Exclusion Project’.

Molly is currently based in London and is due to start pupillage (a 12-month period of practical training that is required to become a fully qualified barrister) at a London-based Chambers in September 2017.


Using Evidence of Previous Sexual History in Rape Cases: the Ched Evans case (this is a three-part, in-depth discussion and analysis of the sensitive issues raised by the Ched Evans case. Links to parts two and three are at the bottom of each piece in the series)