Michelle Rouse

Michelle RouseMichelle is a 39-year-old former political activist and mother of 3. She is currently completing an LLM in Gender, Conflict and Human Rights at the Transitional Justice Institute, Ulster University and hopes to start her PhD in September, which will examine issues of gender, decision making and institutional reform in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

She has been actively involved in Northern Ireland politics since 1998, in a variety of roles including as a Special Advisor to the deputy First Minister. She has managed Sinn Fein’s Assembly policy team, and been a member of the party’s negotiating committee.

Specific areas of work and expertise include rights entitlement and advocacy, policing and justice, Programme for Government, Assembly legislative procedures and Human Rights and Equality.

She has a keen interest in the development of strategies to tackle gender inequalities and promote the empowerment of women, including an enhanced role for women in the conflict resolution process.

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Gender Equality in Northern Ireland – in urgent need of a ‘Fresh Start’, 02 June 2016