Lisa Kalayji

Profile 3Lisa is a doctoral researcher in sociology at the University of Edinburgh, doing research and teaching on the emotions of social movements, feminism, and the radical feminism/transgender liberation debate. Her thesis explores the emotion culture of British radical feminism from the early 1980s to early 1990s through writings on medicine and psychotherapy in the independent radical feminist magazine Trouble and Strife. She specialises in documents and archives, and is interested in the storytelling done with archives and exhibitions. Her other interests include critical and liberatory pedagogies and the relationship between women, emotion, and death.

Originally from California, Lisa moved to Edinburgh in 2012 to study an MSc in social research. Her undergraduate background is in philosophy, with emphasis on existentialism in literary fiction. She co-organised Edinburgh’s first Dyke March in 2014 and hosted a Death Café in 2016. She is a trade union evangelist and active UCU member, and is editorial assistant at the journal Families, Relationships and Societies.

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Emotion Rules in Feminist Book Reviews: An Inroad to Improving Feminist Relationships