Laurie Winkless


Laurie Winkless is a physicist and writer, raised in Dundalk, who lived in London for 13 years, but is now based in Wellington, New Zealand.

Following a degree in physics with astrophysics at Trinity College Dublin, a scholarship to NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre, and a masters in Space Science at UCL, Laurie joined the National Physical Laboratory, London. She spent seven very happy years in NPL’s Functional Materials team, working on everything from carbon nanotubes to water-repellant surfaces. She went on to specialize in thermoelectric energy harvesting – transforming waste heat into electrical energy.

Laurie has been communicating science to the public for more than a decade, working with schools and universities, the Royal Society, Forbes, and the Naked Scientists, amongst others. She’s given TEDx talks, hung out with astronauts, said ‘poo’ on live TV, and appeared in The Times magazine as a leading light in STEM.

In 2016, she published her first book, ‘Science and the City’ (Bloomsbury Sigma, August 2016) to announce to the world that she was a fully-fledged transport and urban science nerd! Laurie’s made a series of videos with Crossrail (because she really loves tunnel boring machines), and another with Hyundai, and has appeared on national and international media channels, including Channel 4, BBC Radio4, RTE and TodayFM. She regularly contributes to Forbes, How It Works, and Materials Today, and has recently had her work featured in Wired, the Evening Standard, Natural History Magazine, The Guardian, BBC World Service, and Little Atoms.

She will soon begin working on her second book.