Lauren Robinson

Lauren Robinson is currently completing her PhD at the University of Edinburgh where she studies psychology, animal behaviour, and animal welfare. She became obsessed with animals as an overly chatty, curious, and headstrong child (according to her mother).
As an undergrad Lauren took a course on animal dklsjdbehaviour and realized you could make a living studying animals. She has been doing so ever since.

Lauren researches how personality influences happiness, welfare, and health in animals. She has worked with rhesus macaques, Asian and African elephants, domestic dogs, Humboldt penguins, brown capuchins, Japanese macaques, grizzly bears, and chimpanzees. Lauren has multiple published papers on animal personality and is editing a book on primate welfare for Springer.

Prior to pursuing a PhD, Lauren obtained a BA in psychology from the University of Washington and a MSc in Applied Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare from the University of Edinburgh. After she completes the PhD and joins the real world she intends to adopt a black cat, buy some video games, and do other grown up things.

You can follow Lauren on Twitter at @laurenmrobin and keep up with her research and publications on Researchgate.