Felicity Hayball

Felicity HayballFelicity is a doctoral student at the Medical Research Council/University of Glasgow. Her PhD revolves around encouraging children to be more active, with a specific focus on how best to develop neighbourhoods so they are more child orientated. She has always been passionate about sports and physical activity, and since taking on her PhD, has realised a passion for giving children a voice.

Her research takes up the majority of her time and she doesn’t really ‘switch off’ from it. Which can result in some funny looks when she goes out with friends and family and enthusiastically points out ‘a really good playground!’

Felicity has taken part in engagement style writing and speaking competitions throughout her PhD and enjoys making research accessible to a wider audience, and sparking interest in the general public to care more about what is going on in the world of research.

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Solving the childhood inactivity crisis