Emma Dunne


Emma is a PhD student in quantitative palaeobiology at the University of Birmingham, funded by the European Research Council. Before diving into the world of research, she completed her undergraduate degree in Zoology at Trinity College Dublin followed by a masters in Taxonomy and Biodiversity at Imperial College London. Emma’s current research sees her firmly leave the world of the fluffy for the world of the fossilised and focuses on deciphering exactly what terrestrial tetrapod biodiversity was like over 300 million years ago.

Emma is hugely passionate about science communication and education. She is a tutor with The Brilliant Club [http://www.thebrilliantclub.org/], and regularly designs and delivers bespoke tutorials based upon her research to pupils in local state schools. Emma is also an active STEM Ambassador, having previously worked in education and outreach roles in zoos and museums in both Ireland and the UK. When not sciencing, Emma dabbles in photography and enjoys long walks in the countryside.

You can follow Emma on Twitter: @emmadnn