Dr. Viviane Gravey

Photo VGraveyDr Viviane Gravey is a Senior Research Associate affiliated with the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, School of Environmental Sciences at the University of East Anglia.

Her research focuses on environmental politics, policy dismantling and European (dis)integration. She is one of the lead authors of the expert review The EU Referendum and the UK environment, which examined how EU membership had affected the UK’s environment as well as different scenarios following a vote to Remain or Leave. She holds a PhD in environmental politics from the University of East Anglia (2016), a MSc in Politics and Government of the EU from the LSE and a Master in European Affairs from Sciences Po Paris (2010). After her Master degrees, she worked for two years on agricultural policies in the leading Paris-based sustainability think tank IDDRI.

She co-writes and co-edits a blog on EU environmental policies, Environmental Europe? with fellow early career researchers at UEA. You can find Viviane tweeting about the EU, environment, agriculture and politics (amongst other things) at @VGravey.


Contributor to ‘What now for UK academia? Twelve academics on Brexit’, 27 June 2016.