Dr. Lucy Ryder

lucyLucy is an honorary researcher in the Department of History and Archaeology at the University of Chester. Lucy is an interdisciplinary researcher focusing on the study of social (cultural) and historical landscapes, spatial archaeology – focusing on GIS, memory, perception, folkloric narratives, and magic and the supernatural.

Previous research focused on change and continuity of the historic landscapes, including recreation of the historic landscape of contrasting areas of Devon through the creation, manipulation, and querying of a GIS database. This not only looked at the physical evidence of change and development, but also discussed the relationship between field and settlement morphologies and patterns available from Tithe Survey landholding, and discussed how political and social aspects that altered the way in which people view landscapes.

Lucy is a proud Midlander who now calls Devon home, and is an active crafter, alongside trying to tire her two children out by walking them around the countryside of Devon, Somerset and Dorset.

You can follow Lucy on Twitter at @lu_ry


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