Dr. Brenda Donohue

Dr. Brenda Donohue graduated from Trinity College in 2013 with a thesis on contemporary female playwrights in Ireland and Italy. Her doctoral thesis considered how playwrights like Emma Dante and Marina Carr negotiate a profession that has traditionally been defined in masculine terms, and examined the influence of such a status on their artistic processes as well as their theatrical work. Her writing has featured in Contemporary Theatre Review, Modern Drama, as well as a number of edited collections. Brenda has lectured in the Italian and Drama departments in Trinity College Dublin. Since 2009, she has collaborated with Teatro della Limonaia in Florence and Tri-boo in the roles of translator and dramaturg. Brenda has been a member of the Irish Society for Theatre Research and the International Federation for Theatre Research since 2009. She is currently working in the area of Education Research with the Educational Research Centre, Drumcondra.

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Brenda contributed to our feature ‘#WakingTheFeminists: ringing the alarm for gender equality in theatre’, 18 August 2016.