Dr. Arianna Andreangeli

20150806_231028 (1)Arianna Andreangeli is the lecturer in Competition Law at Edinburgh Law School. Her research interests revolve around the study of how markets work, how the law ensures that their dynamics are kept genuine and efficient so that they can “work well” for traders, consumers and society at large. She has published widely in the area: her most recent book has explored the role of collective actions as a way of disciplining the conduct of companies through the threat of civil damages’ actions to seek compensation for the injury caused to large groups by anti-competitive behaviour.  Previous work looked at questions of suitability of current legal approaches to restrictive behaviour to the functioning of New Economy markets, such as the IT industry.  Her most current work concerns the interplay between the “needs of the market” and the “demands of public policy” such as public health protection.  Arianna has written on the possible implications of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership on the future of taxpayer-funded health care provision and is now in the final stages of a project concerning the impact of regulatory restraints on trade “in the public interest”.

When she does not work, Arianna, who lives in the east of the city of Edinburgh, enjoys gardening, running and swimming and going to the theatre and cinema with her husband Alistair, also an academic active in Political Sciences. She is also the Chairperson for Edinburgh Garden Partners, a charity that helps to bridge the marginalisation gap often experienced by the elderly and the disabled as well as to improve health and nutrition of those without access to green space through gardening in each others’ land.  Arianna is also a volunteer gardener with this charity, thanks to which she visits regularly the garden of a 93-year-old lady with whom she has forged a strong friendship.


Contributor to ‘What now for UK academia? Twelve academics on Brexit’, 27 June 2016.