Diljeet Bhachu

Diljeet photo (c Vivek Vishwanathan)Diljeet is a doctoral student in the Reid School of Music (Edinburgh College of Art), at the University of Edinburgh, with funding from the Scottish Graduate School for Arts and Humanities (SGSAH).  Her research focuses on the experiences, beliefs, attitudes and perceptions of individuals involved in the delivery of music education – in the primary classroom and community contexts.  As an activist and researcher, her wider interests are in access to music education and wider engagement with music and the arts, and the equality agenda in general.

Outside of research, Diljeet is a musician herself, playing with various groups and other creative projects.  She currently sits on the Musicians’ Union Regional Committee for Scotland and Northern Ireland, where her interest lies again in promoting equality in the industry and the trade union movement.  Diljeet is also a member of Collect:If, a new network at Glasgow Women’s Library for BAME Creative Women in Scotland, and the Disability Research Edinburgh network, which brings together practitioners and researchers interested in disability equality.  She’s also on SGSAH’s Doctoral Researcher Committee, and their Knowledge Exchange, Training and Industry Committee.

 Diljeet wears lots of hats, which you can find out more about on her blog at diljeetbhachu.wordpress.com, and she also tweets a lot @DiljeetB_Flute.

 Photo credit: Vivek Vishwanathan


Contributor to ‘What now for UK academia? Twelve academics on Brexit’, 27 June 2016.