Breannon Babbel

Babbel_Photo_2016Breannon is a doctoral student nearing the end of her PhD at the University of Glasgow. Her research represents the intersection of social science, public health, and primary care and explores the potential role of general practice in tackling Scotland’s persistent health inequalities. This includes understanding how GPs working in disadvantaged areas ‘go the extra mile’ to advocate for their patients at various levels ranging from individual patient consultations to lobbying with the Scottish government. During her PhD studies she’s also had the opportunity to work part-time as a graduate teaching assistant and lecturer for public policy and primary care.

Breannon is originally from the U.S. where she completed dual master’s degrees in Public Policy and Public Health at Oregon State University. Both of these led to her wider research interests in health and social inequalities, including extolling the need for universal health coverage in the U.S. and worldwide. Outside of academia, Breannon enjoys running, baking (and eating!), and taking advantage of the close proximity to mainland Europe with her husband.

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Scotland’s health inequalities – a matter of social injustice, 23 June 2016.