Aoife McCloskey

wb_biopicAoife McCloskey is a PhD student in the Astrophysics Research Group at Trinity College Dublin (TCD), funded by the Irish Research Council. Her PhD topic focuses on the physics of the Sun and specifically how to predict solar activity that might affect us here on Earth.

Additionally, she is very interested in outreach and promoting science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects to anyone who is interested. Previously, she has worked as an educator for the Trinity Walton Club, a programme that strives to create deeper understanding, enhance skills and competencies in STEM subjects to secondary school students. Furthermore, she is involved in running and teaching introductory computer programming workshops for beginners as part of Codify Dublin.

When not thinking about science (quite rarely), she also enjoys getting outdoors to walk or row, binge watching shows on Netflix or attending any concert/gig she can.

Follow Aoife on Twitter at @mccloska