Angelika Strohmayer

angelikaAngelika is a doctoral trainee at Newcastle University, part of the centre of Doctoral Training in Digital Civics at Open Lab: an interdisciplinary research endeavour focusing on digital technologies and civic engagement.

 Coming from a background in primary school education, peer learning, and international development her PhD research focuses on the designing, development, and evaluation of digital technologies for social justice movements. As part of this work, she is working on a number of projects with charities to improve their (digital) services and service provision. She is passionate about social justice, feminisms, and the role technologies can play as agents or facilitators in movements associated with these concepts.

 She has also had the opportunity to assist in the development and teaching of modules for undergraduate and postgraduate students in relation to digital technologies, education, and international development.

 When Angelika isn’t working on her PhD, she likes to bake, climb trees, travel, craft, and drink loads and loads of tea. Along with some friends, she also co-leads the craftivist group yarnbombing for solidarity to create collaborative pieces of art as a solidarity movement with Refugees in the UK.

 Follow Angelika on Twitter: @a_tripsandflips