A special message: a gig for Grace

Below, a message from Grace’s fiancé, Colin O’ Neill.


To all readers and supporters of Women Are Boring,

As you may be aware, last May we tragically lost Grace McDermott. Grace was my fiancée and my soulmate.

It was senseless and sudden, horrific and heart-breaking. It was quite simply the most life-altering moment I will ever experience. Everyone that knew Grace is still coming to terms with what happened and every day we are trying to live up to the impossibly high standards that she left us with. Catherine and Grace started Women Are Boring in 2016 and Grace was intensely proud of the success they achieved.

In the days and weeks that followed Grace’s death, I could not let go of the idea that, in time, I would like to plan and run a musical event to celebrate Grace’s life and to raise money for a cause she believed in.

On May 26th 2018, I will be holding a concert in her memory. It will take place in Portmarnock Sports and Leisure Centre. Any money raised will be donated to Cradle, a charity Grace worked with.* On the night, musicians, friends and family will play songs inspired by, and for, Grace. It will be a collaborative event with as many of Grace’s loved ones and peers joining us to sing, play or simply be close to each other in what we hope will be a very special evening. This event will be run with a professional backline such as lighting and sound. We want this to be a concert as much as a tribute.

Recently, I have been thinking how to include as many aspects of Grace’s life on the night as possible.

This is both an invitation and a request:

If there are any supporters of Women Are Boring that would like to contribute by performing, we would love to hear from you. We are looking for singer-songwriters & bands. However, violins, piano, cello, trumpet; all (and anything else too) are welcome!

As you can understand, we will have limited spaces for musicians but if you are interested in joining us to celebrate Grace’s life and her work, please send a link with your music to Catherine at womenareboring at gmail.com. If you cannot contribute musically, we will ensure that ticketing information is available soon so you can join us if you would like to.*

Thank you for reading this, and hopefully we can sing together with some of you in May.

Colin O’Neill

* Colin, Catherine, and friends of Grace’s from both Ireland and the U.S., will also be running the Great Limerick Run for charity on 6th May 2018 in Grace’s memory. Grace ran the Great Limerick run last year, just hours before she tragically died. More details on how you can donate to support those involved, and their chosen charities, will come soon. 


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