Charity donations in honour of Grace McDermott (1990-2017), co-founder of Women Are Boring


Gracie remembrance leaflet

Grace McDermott, 1990-2017.

As most readers of the blog will have now heard, our incredible co-founder Grace McDermott died tragically on 1st May 2017. She was 26 years old. Everyone who knew and loved her (and there are so many of us) are still slowly trying to come to terms with this devastating and enormous loss.

Many people have been in contact with me in the week since Grace’s tragic death, enquiring as to whether there is a cause they can donate to in her honour. Below this brief message is a list of charities (some are based in Grace’s adopted home of Ireland, some in the United States – Grace was a very proud Long Islander), created by the McDermott family and by Grace’s fiancée Colin O’ Neill and his family, to which they ask that you donate should you wish to do so.

For the many who have asked if it is possible to donate to Women Are Boring, thank you so, so much. Your thoughts are very much appreciated. However, I firmly believe that all of the charities listed below are far more in need of your generosity. Each of these charities provide important and much-needed services, many of which are underfunded, and all of which are valuable.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone so much for their extremely thoughtful and beautiful words about Grace, and your messages of support for Women Are Boring over the past week. I can’t tell you how much they’ve all meant to me. Aside from being a colleague here on the blog, Grace was a best friend to me – I love her so much, I miss her so much, and I am bereft to be without her.

Women Are Boring will continue. Some of the messages I’ve received in the last few days have demonstrated to me (more than either of us had realised before) how much this project means to many people in academia, and to those who have no connection with the academic world. For this reason, and because Women Are Boring is now a small part of Grace’s substantial legacy (and perhaps most importantly because Grace would kick my ass if I stopped now), Women Are Boring will be back soon.

Catherine Connolly, co-founder, Women Are Boring.

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Message from the McDermott & O’ Neill families:

In consideration of Grace’s commitment and work for social causes, should anyone care to make a charitable donation in lieu of flowers, please consider the following charities for your donation in Grace’s name:

Charities based in Ireland


Cradle is an Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) working with child refugees and community development projects in crisis-hit and war torn regions.

To Donate Online: ______________________________________________________

Irish ALS/ Motor Neurone Disease Association (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) and Sonas Women’s Refuge Charity, on behalf of Grace McDermott

Accepting donations for the treatment of ALS (Lou Gherig’s) disease; and the Sonas Women’s Refuge Charity, an organization for women and children who are victims of domestic abuse in Dublin, Ireland.

(While the original fundraising page for both the above charities is now closed to donations, you can still donate to either of these charities in Grace’s name at the following links):

Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association:

Sonas Women’s Refuge Charity:


Charities based in the United States

Nassau Suffolk Services for Autism Adult Program

Nassau Suffolk Services for Autism
The Martin C. Barell School
80 Hauppauge Road
Commack, NY 11725
(ph) 631-462-0386
(fax) 631-462-4201
To Donate Online:
Stupid Cancer
An organization focused on empowering and assisting young adults affected by cancer.
To Donate Online:


Camp Spaulding provides services for many children in the New Hampshire area, including children in underprivileged and high risk homes.

To Donate Online: Gift by phone: tel. 603.598.1533 during business hours. Gift by email: ______________________________________________________________________________


Grace McDermott Tour Scholarship Fund

Grace sang Alto with the MYO Youth Chorale from 2005-2007, and toured with them as one of the first vocalists ever on a MYO tour, performing throughout New York and on a summer tour in China. Grace spoke about traveling with the MYO China tour at such a young age as being a formative experience and essential to developing her independence, and leading to her decision to live abroad.

To Donate online: To Donate by Telephone: call 516-365-6961. ______________________________________________________________________________